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A Day At The Beach

Ok, after some years now I have not picked up a paintbrush, call it artist block. I promised myself when that time came, when I finally reached the point in my creative process to put paint to canvas, I would create a painting of my wife!  So after looking through some pictures, I found a set that inspired me.

A Day At The Beach - Part One

The photo posted here will set the scene.  She and the boys and me spent the day at the beach in San Simeon.  We had a great time.  It was the day that I finally convinced her to take a walk with me down the long cliff side to the private beach at the end.  While the boys played in the sand Lisa modeled like a Movie Star for me! Looking through these images inspired me to pick up the paintbrush!

A Day At The Beach – Jaden and Lisa

If all goes well, I will post updates.  I have an idea to do a series, called “A Day At The Beach” should be lots of fun!

Ok here is the update