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A Day At The Beach – Part Two

Ok if you read the first post you will know that I had a good plan for my first painting, but after talking it over with Lisa, we decided that I should get back into the groove of painting with scenes from our latest trip.

So we looked through some pictures of our last trip to Playa Del Carmen and picked a few.  The painting in this post is a photo of a Palm Tree that Lisa captured.  It will make a pretty good painting that holds lots of memories.

The photo was taken just as a nice sized storm was approaching us.  It was really strange because as the storm (wind) approached our resort, I looked down the shoreline and watched people scatter from the beach!  It looked like a Human Domino Effect, or the Human Wave.

If you have ever been in the tropics during a storm you can also relive your experience with this story I am sure.

Palm In Playa

The truer colors are in the painting, not the monitor. Don’t know why it appears to be so blue?

The clouds look so majestic and powerful during these types of storms, so I thought I would try to capture the essence of the scene so you could be there too!

I thought the photo Lisa took was taken with an Artist’s Eye.   I love everything about the photo including the simplicity, mood, and symmetry.

So “A Day At The Beach” is still just that, but only at a different beach! Stay tuned for the next update.

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